Mexico Egg Shortage

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Blog

Since the Bird Flue Epidemic this year has decimated the chicken population (11 million slaughtered to combat bird flu), there is a severe shortage of eggs in Mexico.

The Average American eats 250 eggs a year while the average Mexican consumes around 350.

The Federal government has pledged over 220 million dollars to restock and programs are in place to ship eggs and chickens to poorer neighborhoods across the country.

This is a lesson in shortages and prepping.  I had a post on how to store eggs long term without refrigeration.

Now this isnt to knock the poor in Mexico, what we consider “poor” in this country is someone who cant afford to buy the newest xbox game, or has a ten year old beater car.

In Mexico, poor  means an xbox is as luxurious as a mediterranean yacht, and a car may be 40 years old.

We have the ability to keep this from happening to our family’s dont “piss away” this opportunity to ensure your ability to feed yourself, your family and help others as you are able.

Prepare folks, this isnt a mantra for a hobby, but a lifestyle and security against the worst of possibilities in life…starvation and death.

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