Costco sale on Food Storage

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Blog, EMERGENCY PREPS



12- 6 gallon buckets

12-Gamma lids (Red, White and Blue)

12-Mylar Bags

80-50cc Oxygen Absorbers

for 189.99


Costco Product Info

Seal your emergency food with an airtight, two-piece GAMMA lid, and properly protect your dry-food reserves. By adding oxygen absorbers to your container, you will increase the shelf life of your bulk food.*
Simply snap the specially engineered Gamma lid onto the bucket. With a few spins in either direction, you can easily access your food or guarantee an airtight, leak-proof seal.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Fits on five or six gallon buckets
  • Provides easy storage access
  • 12 pack of 6 Gallon Buckets included
  • Unused oxygen absorbers must be sealed in an airtight container
  • 3-ply mylar pouches have the sealing power to keep freshness in and the pests out.
  • Easy, re-sealable lids that allow opening and closing without unnecessarily exposing the other pouches to air.
  • Convenient handles and sensible weight for easy transportation.
  • Interlocking bucket design that makes stacking easy and stable.
  • 12 pack of 6 gallon mylar pouches
  • 80 500cc oxygen absorbers

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