The Office: A real life version of Scranton, PA through the lense of economic collapse

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Blog, Economics
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Another city in the U.S. is coming to terms with their massive debt and budgetary issue.

Scranton, P.A.’s (The states 6th largest city) Mayor instituted what he called his “Doomsday Plan” and now all city workers pay has been reduced to minimum wage.  City workers are up in arms, clerks, firefighters, police as they have just now received checks that are very light compared to the prior months.  Who can blame them? It is a combination of union pressures and city acquiesence and overindulgence for years that are now coming to roost.  Its not fair for people who have built a life around a certain pay and who have a contract with the city to be reduced to this, but its also not fair what many of their unions have forced down the throats of city’s for decades as well.  There are no winners in situations like this, only losers, and the biggest losers of all of this are the people of the city.

The city has a 16.8 million dollar shortfall, the mayor opted to raise taxes, but that plan was shot down by the city council who would rather just try and ‘borrow’ their way out of the problem.  For those of you who live in this area you need to fire your city council!  You cannot borrow more money to plug a hole that will cause a larger hole a few years down the road!  You need to cut spending cut spending cute spending!

The mayor claims there is only 5000 dollars in the city accounts.


Folks this is a sign, it truly is, not one of those “ohhhh the world is going to end sign”………its not, the world wont end

HOWEVER the world we have gotten used to here in the U.S. will end, the wealth, power and amenities we are used to will end soon

You need to get your food preps together, you need to network and get to know preppers in your area, you need to get your family on board now, because hard times are coming, times that will make 2008 look like a Chuckie Cheese weekend comparatively.  We are not heading to a new recession, we are in one, there is no and there has been no recovery!  We are just in a small curb up from 2008 on the larger cliff down.  look into buying silver for barter and to help hedge against the coming inflation.  You cant eat silver so your food preps and defense will mean more than anything.

Folks i cant stress this enough, no tinfoil hat here, its just plain old simple math.



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