How to Store Eggs without Refrigeration

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Blog, EMERGENCY PREPS, General, Homesteading
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(Paraphrased from Kellene Bishop at preparedness Pro)

When chickens lay an egg the natural coating is call the bloom, this the the layer that keeps oxygen and bacteria away from the embryo.

Mostly why people are “encouraged” to refrigerate by the USDA and why they are found in refrigerated aisles at the store is because the USDA and the food industry are wary of lawsuits.

One of the best ways is to use Mineral oil…YEP PLAIN OLD MINERAL OIL!


1+ carton of eggs

1/4 cup of mineral oil (this amount should cover 4-6 dozen eggs)

*Mineral oil can be found in the medical section of a store along with pepto,laxatives and other like products*

Step 1:

Warm mineral oil for about 10 seconds

Step 2:

Set eggs outside of carton (its hard to get them out once you put on the oil so pull them out first)

Step 3:

Put on gloves (food handling or latex, food handling are cheaper though)

Step 4:

Dab warmed mineral oil on hands and puck up an egg and run oiled hands over eggs and put it in the carton pointed end down, and continue with all the other eggs.

NOTE: there is never to much or too little, just make sure the whole egg is covered

Step 5:

Now store your eggs in a cool and dry place, for long term storage try to maintain about 68 degrees, storing them like this will only keep them for a few weeks.

Step 6:

Set a reminder to flip your eggs once a month, all you need to do is flip the carton upside down gently so you dont break anyone of them.  You do this to maintain the integrity of the egg yolk.


Dont worry about eggs going bad and not knowing it, if its smells ok its ok, if it doesnt its not, simple as that.  Bad eggs will smell horrible so theres not mistaking it.  You can also test them if you really want to, if the egg floats when placed in cold water it has gone bad since oxygen will get into the egg and discplace the moisture an CO2 and make it float.

**Mineral oil is a petroleum product and can cause estrogen dominance in women and then can cause other issues as well, this is why gloves are recommended**


Another method is to store eggs in finely ground preservatives such as



-Equal mixture of finely ground charcoal and dry bran or finely ground oats

-Finely ground plaster of Paris (if you have alot on hand post SHTF)

You can use this layer upon layer, and continue to stack the eggs  just make sure the eggs dont touch each other, metal or wood.

As with the mineral oil store the eggs small side down and put them in a covered container to keep them in a cool dry place

These eggs can be kept “fresh” for up to nine months, and some places have been known to keep them like this for up to 2 years (but dont push it if you dont have to!)




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