Economic Turmoil

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Blog, Economics
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With data pointing to a soft economy and no “real”recovery in sight or possible we are looking at more “quantitative easing” from the Federal Reserve, i.e. more money creation, i.e. more inflation and lessening the value of the dollar in your pocket.  Stock analysts are now warning the Euro “Crisis” is nowhere near over, and contagion is spreading from Spain to other Euro Countries, It will come to the U.S. soon, our banks and country is highly involved in the Euro zone and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a U.S. Federal Reserve move to “inject” cash into the Euro to help stabilize it.  It happened already, discreetly during the 08′ crisis.


In other news…

Google is now proposing and “Error 451″ to let you know the site is blocked due to government censorship.  I wouldn’t think that allegory to the book “Fahrenheit 451″ is a mistake, but Google has been becoming more and more “open” to government sanctions and prodding to “do thy bidding” in regards to data mining and releasing other information to authorities with no warrants or suspect ones.



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