Improvised Early Warning Systems

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Blog, General, Homesteading
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One of main lines of defense for any retreat or home in a collapse scenario will be your early warning systems.  That being something that lets you know someone or something is in the immediate area and you need to be on the alert.

THE DOG- A standard warning device would be the dog, mans best friend and a great asset to your home defense, you will need a well disciplined dog that you spend alot of time with training to get him/her where you need them to be.  A bark in the middle of the night may only be an answer to another dog, or it may be intruders in your yard, so you need to train them to only react to non-family member humans who are in “your space”.

THE CAN- The old tin can with rocks has been around since cans became common, and has been used constantly because it is very useful.  This being said you will need to make sure the cans are made less conspicuous and not shiny or it may be worthless.  Take stakes/pegs/sticks and drive them into the ground around the area you want to be covered, and string the cans through a trip wire, which you can use MIL tripwire or fishing line, anything you want or have available.  The line however must be taught, so that any movement makes the ‘rattle’ you need to hear.  The height of the line should be around ankle height, as you want it to be not to low as to be walked over and not to high so that it is  easily visible.

THE BELL- Instead of using cans you can use Bells such as those around at Christmas time, you can set up the trip wire just the same, and just attach the bells with at least one for every section.  These actually work better than the cans as they are more easily disturbed.

THE METAL PLATE- This is a play on the tin can, but using a can or any holding device that barely holds rocks/bolts/etc. in it and when disturbed will dump the contents onto a metal plate/object below it making a large clanging and unmistakeable sound.

THE GRAVEL YARD- This is a simple and yet very effective way to mitigate any intruders/looters from approaching your home without being heard.  A simple 10 foot wide circle around your immediate home/defensive area will make sure no one can easily cross it.  Even tip-toeing across gravel produces and audible “crunch” sound and it its covered in grass clippings it will be nearly undetectable at night until it is stepped upon.

THE PIN ALARM- Originally designed for personal protection, this simple device will emit 130db alarm when the strap is pulled from the alarm set by a pin. This could be set in a purse or handbag and if it was being lifted would go off.  However these cheap items can be used as simple trip wire device.  These can be set on doors, windows, gates, trip wires, etc. anything that can be opened or tripped on that would pull the pin from the device.

THE BIRTHDAY CARD ALARM- The advent of the musical/recordable birthday card offers a easy way to offer simple yet effective security in the home.  Whenever you get these cards hold onto them, and try and get ones from birthdays, anniversary’s, etc. from your friends and family.  As seen in the photo above on the left is the speaker and the right is the circuit, in the center of the circuit you can see the battery and below that is a metal clip with a white piece of paper underneath.  When the card is opened the white strip of paper is pulled out and the clip makes contact with the circuit and the music plays.  There are ways of reprogramming the circuit so you can play something else like an alarm but that is a bit technical so just google “reprogramming greeting card music”.  With this you can simple tape it to a door or window and have the paper on the opposite side, when it is opened….ding a ling a ling……

THE MOTION DETECTOR- Most of us are aware of the motion detector lights that most people put up over driveways or the detectors for use indoors wired into ADT like home alarm systems.  There are cheap 9v battery operated motion detectors that emit a alarm, however you should be wary and do your homework as some are known to go off for no reason, but it is still an option.

THE TINY TREE-  This can be used in conjunction the tin can tripwire, you can tie the can with the rocks to the twig and tie the tripwire to the sapling which moves freely, so when the line is jiggled the can moves violently as well.  You can also attach the line without a can to the line and the watchman in a camp environment can watch the line and the tree if he sees the tree move, there is something hitting the line.  Should go without saying, given the title, but a large tree isnt going to move!



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