Israeli Battle Dressing

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Medical
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The Israeli Battle Dressing is a great tool to have in your Medical Kit for emergency trauma use.

The leading preventable cause of death on the battlefield is bleeding from an extremity. Bleeding from an arm or leg can usually be controlled by applying an emergency trauma bandage, applying manual pressure, and elevating the injured limb. If the pressure bandage fails, a tourniquet can be applied to stop the flow of blood below the tourniquet band. Even when a severe wound requires an immediate tourniquet to stop the blood flow, when the casualty has been properly evaluated and treated an emergency trauma bandage or pressure dressing may be applied to the wound and then the tourniquet may be loosened. If possible, this will make it more likely that amputation of the limb can be avoided.

In conjunction with QUICKCLOT and other AID this bandage can save you life


  1. Remove the emergency trauma bandage package from the casualty’s kit
  2. Remove the bandage from the pouch
  3. Place the pad (dressing) on the wound
  4. Wrap the elastic bandage around the wounded extremity
  5. Insert the elastic bandage completely into the pressure bar
  6. Pull the elastic bandage back over the top of the pressure bar, forcing the bar down onto the pad
  7. Wrap the elastic bandage tightly over the pressure bar
  8. Continue to wrap the elastic bandage around the limb so that all edges of the pad are covered
  9. Secure the hooking end of the closing bar into the elastic bandage to secure the bandage



  1. James from Canada says:

    A great wound dressing, much better than the old USGI dressing. However, don’t just buy one and put it away, buy several and use one as a training bandage so that you and all your family/team knows how to use it; you don’t want to waste precious seconds reading the instructions when someone is bleeding out. It is like a first aid or survival book, you need to read them and train with them before an event and not during.

  2. oh definitely. I have about 5 in my kits and storage. If you have a military base nearby you might chat up a soldier or two and see if they can get you some used ones from training. Even talking to EMS personnel they may have some used as well, so as not to waste one. yeah if you dont practice and get it down pat, youre going to be more hyped up and not thinking straight when you have to use it in a real world scenario, especially if its on yourself. Definitely not a time to be reading the instructions!

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