Portable Survival candle from an Altoid tin

Posted: March 29, 2012 in EMERGENCY PREPS

This is a really cool little thing, that is easy to make and would also be a neat project to do with your kids, friends or family


  1. Empty Altoid Tin
  2. 4-6 tealight candles
  3. hot glue gun/superglue
  4. Glass jar (mason or like type)


Remove the metal from the tea lights and also CAREFULLY remove the metal base and wick and save them for later.


Glue down the wicks for the tea lights into the bottom of the Altoids tin.

You can either put one in the middle or one on the left and right(i prefer to put two wicks) but in the picture i tried it with only one.


To melt the tea lights place them all in a safe,thick canning jar and place the jar in a pot.

Fill the pot up with enough water to cover enough of the sides of the jar but not to much that it will go into the jar.

Heat the water on your stove gradually until all of the tea lights melt.

Once the wax is in liquid form pour it into the Altoids tin and either let it sit out disturbed to harden or place in the freezer to let it harden quicker.

And that is all u need to do to make a cool camping or emergency candle.


COMPLETED!  Now you have an awesome portable candle that you can shut when finished and puts it out no blowing, or anything!

THANKS TO Instructables.com for this post from user nathanya2011


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