Healthcare law seemingly doomed

Posted: March 29, 2012 in General
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I dont care what your thoughts are on healthcare, no one rational believes that it is perfect, BUT that being said there is a big jump from reforms in insurance and tort law to INDIVIDUAL MANDATES

There are plenty of mandates, billions of them in federal, state and local laws

Mandates may be,

you have to have a license and insurance to drive your car

you cant smoke in public buildings

you cant manufacture illegal drugs

you have to have insurance for floods in certain areas to obtain a mortgage

you have to have rabies shots for dogs in certain areas

But these are all voluntary. I DONT have to drive a car (and yes there is that contention with the difference between driving and the right to locomotion, but i wont get into that here)  YOU dont have to have a dog, you dont have to have a mortgage.

If you want any of those things THEN you have to abide by said laws, regulations, etc.

But this mandate specifies that by the very fact you are alive you HAVE to purchase this, that is the root of the issue, not sick people dying, not poor people not getting hospital care, and whatever other inflammatory statements that have been thrown out.

Its the precedent set, if allowed, that the us government has the RIGHT to mandate by force of law, including arrest and incarceration a mandatory requirement on every man, woman and child, not through a choice to participate in an activity, or have a item, but by the fact that you are just….here


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