Natgeo Doomsday Preppers Season 2

Posted: March 27, 2012 in General
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As i wrote wrote to the members of the GREAT NORTHERN PREPPER FORUM which can be accessed through that link or at the main site GREAT NORTHERN PREPPER

National Geographic contacted me to see if i could “recommend” any preppers in Alaska for the Season 2 of “Doomsday Preppers”

THis is the forum message.


I would feel remiss in my duties here if i didnt pass this along.


I personally would never go on this show cfjohns mentioned he is friends with one of the people that was on it, and that she wasnt exactly happy with her treatment.  I think that the show purposefully pigeonholes people into categories…The “Im preparing for ______(madrid fault, solar flare, bio attack)” and many of them are just general preppers but the producers want them to be a (my words) “itemized” prepper.  I think that to prepare specifically for one event is shortsighted, even though i have my pet theories myself, i think that to be prepared in general is the best option and whatever comes your way you will be better off than 99% of the people around you, but i digress.

I really caution you, and if you asked i would say no dont do it.
BUT it does offer compensation of some sort im sure (what i have no idea)

That being said.

Natgeo contacted me and said they were looking for preppers in all 50 states and wondered if i could reccomend any preppers in Alaska. granted i dont REALLY know you all that well, other than meeting and talking on this post.
But if this is something you would be interested in I would be willing to pass that information along and pass to you the information they provided me (questionarre, etc.)
I know the money would be nice, but once again i caution you.

message me here or email me at if you want more anonymity

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