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How to make a Crisco Candle

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Awhile back I did a post on how to make a “Everlasting” Candle from a can of Crisco, well it was the most popular post BY FAR that ive ever done!


Personally I think this would be a great addition to your preps and or a use for expired shortening if it has gone bad.  This could also be a great cottage industry to have for post collapse survival barter.  Collect up expired crisco cans and use them to make candles!


Now alot of people were wondering whether or not this would be safe, or if it would stink.


No Sorry It doesnt! Had it running in my office for 30+ minutes and i didnt smell anything, that being said im not a finely tuned coinneseur, but i did not smell anything bothersome


Yes! From what I can tell, and i moved it around, and attempted to see if it would light, like bacon grease, but nope no more dangerous than candle wax or something like a olive oil lamp           (which  I will post soon as well!)  Some people asked whether or not the odor would be dangerous to breathe in. Well you Cook with it right?, the smell of it burning or frying in a pan comes into the kitchen so if it wasnt safe, we would have heard of it by now, and all it is, is mostly soybean and palm oil.


Well that should be obvious by now since i posted a video on how to, not a DONT video!  But yes, you can and it works pretty slick!


What do you guys think?  Do you have any cool ideas on how to perfect this or other interesting things to use to make a candle or light source

Welcome to the Great Northern Prepper

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Blog

I just uploaded the last months of post from the main site a GREAT NORTHERN PREPPER.COM


I also have a Prepper Contest running!


Its a youtube/written article contest and the winning prize is a Berkey Sport Water Bottle that has the world famous Berkey water filter in it for on the go water filtration as well as a copy of “The Prepper Next Door” that i did a review on.


Click the above links to go to the contest page and see the info on how to submit and win!


I was also on the Family Survival Show out of Tampa Florida on AM 1110

You can listen to the show on their Archives page under the heading “When Coffee is the new money” where we discussed barter

Recently The Republican Party made the idea of a “Gold Standard” an official part of the parties platform.

YAY we all say YAY! Mainstream middle of the road conservatism is embracing Sound money! It seems as though Ron Paul has finally been able to make a big dent in the establishment!

I do not say YAY

I say NAY

The Known U.S. Monetary Base is 2.56 Trillion, The monetary base, basically being the total amount of U.S. dollars in existence (and remember that only 3% of the currency is actually printed the rest, is notional, and only exists on spreadsheets) To know more about how our money is “Created” read my earlier post on this.

Currently the known U.S. Gold Reserves are 262 Million Ounces, which would make the Skyrocket to around $10,000 an ounce.

But now you say..GREAT! I have a few ounces, that would be wonderful I would be sitting pretty real quick overnight!

The problem with currency is that you want it to be strong, but not too strong.

If our currency suddenly skyrockets overnight, then our products produced in this country do as well, if the dollar gained 10x  its buying power not a $100 generator we make and ship to another country suddenly costs 10x more than what it did the day prior, thus making it impossibly expensive to continue to buy, and our trade would shut down that same week.

Why do you think China artificially undervalues its currency? So that their products are cheap so we and other countries buy ALOT of their products.

The Positives of this move by the Republican National Committee is possibly to bring about a national conversation about sound money and the importance of a dollar backed by more than just the Federal Reserve.  It could also bring about a TRUE audit of the Fed and our Gold Reserves, but this is a bad thing in a way since a TRUE audit, would bring this decrepit house of cards tumbling down.

In reality this was done for a few reasons.

1) To help bring some Ron Paul independents and firebrands within the party to the Romney tent

2) To bring up the national discussion of the Fed and the crap policies that have been pawned off to the American people for decades, to expose them (partially) for what they are, a shakedown and theft of Trillions of dollars of value from the people of this country……which would offer a good scapegoat for the Romney camp who hope to inherit this mess.
I would like to see a Currency not backed by Gold, but partially backed by a Tri-Metallic Standard, and also backed by debt, yes i said it! Debt!  But debt that is only created through a balanced budget constitutional amendment and only by individuals, nations and countries, not a federal entity that creates dollars to buy debt.

This way only when we are trustworthy can we borrow, and we can only borrow if we cut other things to pay for this debt down the road.

Debt isnt evil, The evil we have is a debt bought by money created by nothing to make more debt.

You may not agree, and i understand, but a Gold Standard cannot work, unless EVERYTHING is torn down and built from the ground up, and you may say your fine with that, but i cannot agree to a position that can only be brought about by such a calamity of epic proportions, worse than has been seen in centuries.

We need sound money, but what we need more is an informed elective, and a rejuvenation of the principles and morality of hard work and respect, not jealousy and ex post facto thievery through legislation.


Mexico Egg Shortage

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Blog

Since the Bird Flue Epidemic this year has decimated the chicken population (11 million slaughtered to combat bird flu), there is a severe shortage of eggs in Mexico.

The Average American eats 250 eggs a year while the average Mexican consumes around 350.

The Federal government has pledged over 220 million dollars to restock and programs are in place to ship eggs and chickens to poorer neighborhoods across the country.

This is a lesson in shortages and prepping.  I had a post on how to store eggs long term without refrigeration.

Now this isnt to knock the poor in Mexico, what we consider “poor” in this country is someone who cant afford to buy the newest xbox game, or has a ten year old beater car.

In Mexico, poor  means an xbox is as luxurious as a mediterranean yacht, and a car may be 40 years old.

We have the ability to keep this from happening to our family’s dont “piss away” this opportunity to ensure your ability to feed yourself, your family and help others as you are able.

Prepare folks, this isnt a mantra for a hobby, but a lifestyle and security against the worst of possibilities in life…starvation and death.


The Chief US Equity Strategist for Goldman Sachs has stressed to investors in his firm to get out of stocks before the “Fiscal Cliff” is reached.

He is not speaking of the same one we do, The ‘Big One” but of the end of the tax cuts that expire December 31 of this year.

That is the Payroll, Dividends and Capital Gains Taxes, but this is more than fat cats trying to make a buck.

A Lame Duck Congress and A possible Lame Duck President will be in office, the mandatory cuts will come about due to the lack of a balanced budget AND these tax “hikes” will come into effect all around the same time.

(Why do i parenthesis the “hike”, technically not a hike just going back to the Progressive level of taxation we had before where if you make money thats ok, just dont make too much that would be evil)

Last year when the Federal Government failed to reach an agreement on the Debt Ceiling the S&P 500 PLUNGED 11%.

After reading what i have for the past 6 months, looking back at old data and listening to voices that i trust in issues like this, such as THE SURVIVAL PODCAST.

My recommendations are this.

Start to move your stocks and bonds to a money market fund now, or at least have the option to do so very quickly.

What will happen is that sooner rather than later, the market is going to dive…and dive big. There will be massive stimulus to combat this, and probably in a shadowy unseen way, no TARP or public pronouncements, the market will stabilize, but at a much lower level than now, probably down 10-15% maybe even 20%.

there will be spikes up and back down as people try to cash in on stocks that were once much higher, to buy them at “bargain prices” then sell them when they gain a little value back.

If you dont pull out early you may see a significant reduction in your retirement and investments.

Having them in Money Market Funds allows you to have a stable value, you wont make much maybe a few % or fractions of a percent, but for the time being you will guarantee your money is still worth its face value.

This isnt a long term plan, you will want to shift the bulk of this to tangible items of value, precious metals, commodities, food, etc.

The dollar will soon be recognized as inherently worth less than what it is said to be.

Im not a financial advisor or economist.  just my opinion, do your own research and do what is most comfortable for you.

A game of Indian Economic Poker

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Blog, Economics

Jacob Rothschild: British Investment Banker, You may recognize the name as the famous Rothschild Banker Family.

John Paulson: Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager, who made a fortune betting AGAINST the US housing market prior to the crisis in 2008

George Soros: 22nd Richest Man in the World


Obviously three heavy hitters in the world of Finance, Regardless of your opinion of them and their politics, they are very intelligent in the world of finance and dont often bet big on losers.

So what brings these three together in this, as so far, cryptic post of mine.

They are all betting big on a EURO collapse and a huge upturn in the Price of Gold and Silver.


Rothschild has made a big statement in his support of a Euro Collapse, not in words but in 200 million dollars.

Paulson has been putting Billions of Dollars into Gold.

George Soros Recently just put 130 million MORE into Gold in the last quarter.

Billions of dollars have been poured into Gold by these men, betting against the Euro, these men who are reviled for betting against failing institutions and currencies, reviled but right.

A Der Spiegel article stated

Banks, companies and investors are preparing themselves for a collapse of the euro. Cross-border bank lending is falling, asset managers are shunning Europe and money is flowing into German real estate and bonds. The euro remains stable against the dollar because America has debt problems too. But unlike the euro, the dollar’s structure isn’t in doubt.
Earlier last month Central Banks announced that they would be acquiring 10% of the Worlds supply of Gold every year….not increasing their holdings by 10% or buying 10% this year, but EVERY YEAR from here on out will be acquiring at least 10% of the TOTAL SUPPLY EVERY YEAR!! Just last quarter over 150 tonnes of Gold was purchased by central banks.

Like i said in my “Red Light, Green Light” Post the other day I dont post these things to be a fear monger, or as a call to action.

Yes things can be done, but why i post these are to help you read the tea leaves, and make better decisions, so that we all can see as the ball starts rolling faster, we can up our preps.

So just gather all this information.

Three of the biggest Financial Heavy Hitters in the World are betting on a Euro Collapse, and Betting big on Gold going up.  And this doesnt mean euro collapses, gold goes up and the U.S. is now in sunny weather, the opposite…quite the opposite.

Central Banks are now acquiring Gold in amounts never seen before in modern times.

What does all this lead you to believe?

You can make up your mind.

But to me this is like a game of indian poker (its where everyone holds their card on their head and you can see everyones card but your own) but where they are all holding aces, and betting big, and we the other player, the people of the world are still pretending like we dont see their cards.

Up your preps folks, truly.